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Our Technology


Our unique bridge solution is so simple to use that even our elderly patients quickly manage to operate it with one hand.

Technological Advantages

The perfect fit between the bridge and the implants, together with the ease of daily cleaning, introduces very powerful advantages over all existing solutions. Our optimal pressure distribution along the implants also has a significant impact in minimizing bone mass loss over the years.


The two precisely milled interlocking parts are made of a titanium bar which is fixed to the patient's implants, and a superstructure rider holding the porcelain or acrylic teeth.

They are firmly held together by a special lock we created for the ease of use of our patients. This allows them to remove the bridge anytime they want to clean it and keeps their mouths fresh and hygienic throughout the day.

This design allows for a perfect distribution of pressures between all existing implants, optimizing the loads each implant transmits to the jaw bone.

Bar and superstructure


Protected by four patents, our core technology consists of a bridge milled from two perfectly matching interlocking parts: a titanium bar which is fixed to the patient’s implants, and above it, a rider superstructure to which porcelain or acrylic teeth are fused. Both parts are firmly held together by a special locking device that even elderly patients can manage with one hand. The product resolves the current dilemma in dental bridge design: the choice between a hygienic solution and an aesthetic one.

Our technology has clinically shown to significantly

slow down bone loss compared to the accepted standard.

Clinical studies we have conducted over 15 years revealed that our even distribution of pressure and improved hygiene help enormously to minimize the bone loss around implants. This extends the life of each implant, which saves patients the unnecessary pain and costs of replacing their implants too soon due to weakening of their jaws.

Fighting bone loss




Our dental implant solutions are produced with the highest precision and using the most cutting edge automated CAD/CAM processes in the world.


Our broad line of products covers both removal and fixed dental implant solutions with different products answering specific clinical needs.



Benefits of using our technology

Clinical data


We measured bone loss around the implants of our patients by conducting laboratory resonance frequency analysis ISQ. In the graphs below you can see results of five patients that were measured after four years post-rehabilitation.


  • Excellent load dispersal eliminates distortions reducing pain and discomfort

  • Minimal bone loss even after 10 years of continuous use

  • Aesthetic and natural appearance with perfect mouth closure

  • Easy to take out, clean and remount

  • Keeps mouth perfectly hygienic and healthy for years

  • Enables perfect speech phonetics and stops spitting

  • Treatment time reduced by 30% (on fine tuning, cleaning, fractures and implant loss)

  • We enable a general unspecialized dentist to easily perform this procedure

  • Saves high costs of attachment material

  • Can solve extreme angulations

Our design results in a very strong and stable bridge. Patients wearing it can eat any food they want with no chewing problems what so ever.


You can watch videos of our patients operating the LiteBridge™ and SmartBridge™ on the Media page. The videos show the ease of use and ability to eat different types of food.

Product Gallery


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