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"Nanomill gives me a variety of new solutions with esthetic and precision levels unseen in my country.  Now I can easily balance pressure loads and solve tough angulations."

Meir Assouline, Dentline Dental Laboratory

"As part of my duty to offer the best available technologies to dentists, I recommend to use the removable bridge of Nanomill. It provides the proper lip support and perfect aesthetics patients demand these days. In addition, they keep the patient's mouth always clean and fresh."

Ronen Krausz, Krausz Dental Lab.

"Nanomill's LiteBridge™ bar and rider superstructure gives my patients a great solution for high lip line and lip support, while keeping their teeth clean and implants healthy over time."

Eyal Tarazi DMD, Cesarea Israel


"Dr. Berger's superstructure bridge helped me restore my self-esteem and happiness. Since I lost my teeth I had to think twice before eating many things I loved because they were too hard for my prosthetic teeth. For the past nine years since I got my SmartBridge™ I can eat all the things I loved and missed without any fear of feeling pain or being embarrassed."

David, age 65

"I've been wearing my smart removable bridge over 12 years . It’s so comfortable that I feel like it's already a part of me. Once a day I take it off and clean it, and never had a single problem with infections or bad smell. I'm glad till this day and thankful to my dentist for suggesting me to wear it."

Opra, age 92

"After trying other prosthetics, I am sure that SmartBridge™ is the best solution for me. I can eat now whatever I want. It is so easy to take off to wash my mouth and put back on again after a meal. I simply open the two locking buttons on the bridge and the rider comes off. After I’m done washing I put the rider back in and push the same buttons to relock bridge. Washing my mouth daily solved the inflammation around my implants. My dentist says he never saw my mouth so healthy."

Avin, age 80