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The following videos show some of our patients demonstrating the simplicity of operating our bridge locking system. They also show their ability to eat what would be considered challenging food for people with prosthetic teeth.

Opra, age 92

6 implants in upper jaw. Before our treatment, she had trouble speaking because of gaps that were made in her old prosthetics for easier cleaning. We successfully filled the bothering spaces and solved completely any leaks of air and food. 

David, age 65

Edentulous in the upper jaw. We performed a periodental chasis and gave him back his normal life routine and his adorable smile.

Mariana, age 80

Has 4 implants in her lower jaw. Before using Nanomill, she suffered from aesthetic and phonetic problems because her old prosthetics were not accurately done and sticking out of place. With our bridge she can now speak again and has a natural perfect look. 

Anna, age 60

Edentolous in both jaws with 3 implants in the lower jaw and 6 implants in the upper jaw. Before our treatment she was not able to eat properly. In addition there was no proper biting closure between both jaws which resulted in leak of air and saliva. We completely solved all those problems.

Thomas, age 94

3 implants in the lower jaw and suffers from Parkinson. Prior to using our bridge he could not eat most foods. Now he can easily operate our locking buttons although his advanced age and condition and eats easily nuts and other foods.